DOURO WINES - Quinta das carvalhas

Quinta das Carvalhas is a spectacular property in the Douro Valley. Written references regarding this magnificent vineyard can be traced back to 1759. Enjoying a prominent position on the left bank of the Douro river, in Pinhão, the quinta covers the entire hillside facing the Douro river and occupies part of the slopes of the right bank of the tributary Torto river.

Quinta das Carvalhas is the company’s oldest and most emblematic quinta. With a large historic heritage the wines from this property represents today the best that we are capable of producing.

The brand Carvalhas pays homage to this beautiful quinta and its premium quality vines. Through a range of 8 diffetent wines, we explore the best this quinta has to offer, with focus on its oldest vines of almost a century old, which are the secret to producing Carvalhas Vinhas Velhas. These wines reflect our soil, sun, vineyards and history, together with our knowledge and experience.