DOURO WINES - Porca de Murça

Porca de Murça is Douro’s leading brand, having celebrated 85 years of existence in 2013, and becoming one of Portugal’s oldest wine brands. The brand originated from a folktale from the small village of Vila de Murça, in the Douro Valley.

It is said that at the time, there was a large female boar living in the woods near the village that was responsible for the destruction of the fields and its plantations. Having been, for many years, a torment for people of the village, they one day decided to unite the best hunters of the region to hunt down the boar. A statue was erected and placed in the Centre of the Village as a tribute to this mighty boar, making it an icon of the village and region. On the new lable, we re-write the story as if the boar was invited to become the winemaker of Porca de Murça!

Porca de Murça White and Red represent a fresh, young and fruity style of Douro wine, perfect for everyday consumption. The brand’s success is supported by the quality of our vines and experience.

In 1998 the company launched the Porca de Murça Reserva to celebrate the brand’s success and to respond to the increasing demand for high quality Douro wines.