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Olive-growing exists in the Douro Valley since the time of the first Roman occupation of the region. Both viticulture and olive-growing were trademarks of Roman occupation, and they implemented the appropriate conditions, techniques and knowledge in the culture of the vine and olive. Douro's mediterranean climate, together with its poor shist soils, offer the perfect conditions for the production of very aromatic and flavorful olive oils.

With over 37 hectars of Olive groves between Quinta das Carvalhas and Quinta dos Aciprestes, we benefit from a diversity of centenary parcels and classic olive varieties for the production of two different olive oils.

Azeite Quinta das Carvalhas


Quinta das Carvalhas’ olive grove is planted on a shale soil terrain with steep inclinations. Most of our olive trees are older than one century; in which we apply a biological method of production. Within each grove, we have a diverse mixture of varieties which include: Cordovil, Negrucha, Coimbreia, Madural, Molar and Verdeal.

At Quinta das Carvalhas our approach to oliviculture is very traditional in which we respect all ancestral precedures and when it comes to the culture of the olive.

The harvest is done manually between December and January; with the traditional method of buckling onto large sheets placed right bellow each olive tree. We transport the freshly picked olives in 20kg boxes to the oil mil where the olives are carefully separated from any remaining leaves and the oil is extracted at very low temperatures ensuring the preservation of its qualities in terms of flavour and aroma.

We produce an olive oil of superior quality, rich in aromas and intense in flavours. It shows good ripeness and good structure, with slight fruity notes and excellent taste. We recommend this olive oil with fine, crispy bread, bruschettas or for seasoning.

Azeite Quinta das Carvalhas
Azeite Quinta dos Aciprestes

Quinta dos Aciprestes

The olive oil at Quinta dos Aciprestes originates right in the bosom of this famous Estate, which is located right in front of the mouth of the tributary River Tua, in the heart of the Cima Corgo sub region of the Douro Valley. The Quinta, known for its powerful reds, presents a very austere terroir with a very extreme climate both in winter and summer, poor shale soils and lack of water. These factors benefit the quality of our reds; yet show immense potential for the culture of the olive.

Originating from the mediterranian, the olives at the Estate are over a century old, and cover an area of 11ha, not including individual trees bordering the slope. It is a traditional olive grove, with no irrigation, planted on terraces, which are supported by traditional shale walls. Although we may find classic varieties such as Cordovil, Negrucha, Madural and Verdeal, the grove is planted in a field blend manner with many local varieties mixed in one parcel; just like the old vines of the region.

Olives are hand picked during the last few days of October or early November, in order to preserve the aromatic side of this olive oil and enhance is flavours and spicy nuances.